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Finished Product!

80g of Maeng Da leaf in 5 of the strongest Kratom Pills to ever hit the market, now that's Smokin! FIND OUT MORE!

Smoking Kratom, so hot they’re ‘Smokin’!

Smoking KratomSmoking Kratom - Hi and welcome. You’ve reached our website dedicated to a new Kratom product, a product that’s not just steaming, it’s smoking! We’re talking HOT, HOT, HOT – hot off the press; hot property; hotter than North Australia. You know North Australia – it’s that place located about a mile from the sun’s surface, where you have to live in the sea to stop your skin from bubbling. That’s how hot we’re talking!!

This new product is called Smoking Kratom not because anyone’s suggesting you break it open and burn it, but because it’s such a hot product, we say it’s smoking and who wouldn’t formulated with the first 50x Maeng Da Extract !! Hence Smoking Kratom. We have 2 types of Smoking Kratom, firstly a pack of 4 capsules that contain 400mg of Maeng Da extract. The second are a 5 pack of Smoking Kratom Pills each one weighing in at 500mg and containing 300mg of active Maeng Da extract.

We’re so excited about the new Smoking Kratom Pills & capsules that we’ve put this site together to tell you all about it. Here you can find pages and pages of interesting and fun information about these hot and new Maeng da Kratom Capsules, as well as about Kratom in general. This site is created by people who love Kratom, for anyone with an interest in this subject. The new product we’re calling Smoking Kratom will get particular focus, so you can find out exactly why it’s so hot !

First, we dive right in with a description of Smoking Kratom, including how they come, what’s in it and where it’s available on the web. Next we look in more detail at the main ingredient, Maeng Da Kratom. So there’s information on where it comes from, what makes it special and why. The kinds of effects people experience from Maeng Da will get a look too. There’s loads more besides, so read on to find out why our new Maeng da Kratom Pills are the hottest product in town….

What is Smoking Kratom?

If we say Kratom Capsules or pills, you might think to yourself ‘O M G, more capsules to choose from’ – but hold on a minute. Just hold your horses and listen to this: Maeng Da Kratom, as a 50X extract (that’s STRONG!), packed into capsules which each hold 400mg and 4 capsules per pack. So two caps contains 800mg of… it’s worth saying again just as it’s fun to say… 50X MEANG DA EXTRACT!!!

That’s Maeng Da! That’s 50X extract! You can bet your bottom dollar it will work. None of that pondering, ‘Now I should probably start with 2 just to be safe… but what if I need four?’ All that palaver’s a thing of the past now that Smoking Kratom is here. We should just be clear about the meaning here: when we say ‘Smoking Kratom’, we’re not saying it’s for sticking in a pipe and burning. We’re calling it smoking because it’s the hottest new Kratom product which is figuratively so hot it’s smoking’!!


Smoking Kratom 50X Extract? What does that mean?

Smoking Kratom

Smoking Kratom Capsules

Smoking Kratom products should be treated with care. Go easy as it packs a punch. Why? Because these Kratom Capsules consist of a highly concentrated extract of Maeng Da Kratom (more of which later). This extraction is performed by a pharmaceutical laboratory, who use their considerable expertise to refine and concentrate Kratom to various levels. Typical examples of extract levels are 10X, 15X, 20X and 25X. These concentrations appear a lot in the online marketplace and what they represent are how much raw harvested Kratom goes into the final product. So if it takes 10 kilograms of leaves to produce 1 kilogram of extract, that’s a 10X extract. Do ya see where this is going? Remember, the extract in Smoking Kratom is a 50Xconcentration. So it takes 80 grams of Maeng Da Kratom to make one pack of our Kratom Capsules! That’s a lot of Kratom in four little capsules. The Maeng Da leaves are provided by suppliers in South East Asia, which is Kratom’s native region. They harvest and dry the leaves before they go to the lab for extraction. Then the extract is packed into Kratom Capsules and pressed into Kratom Pills, which are in turn sealed into special clamshell packaging, then the Smoking Kratom comes over here for general sale.

Where can I buy Smoking Kratom?

Smoking Kratom  retail sales are currently only available via the following 2 Kratom vendors. Organic Kratom USA is a strong company based out of Carlsbad CA with impeccable customer service and happy to supply your Kratom needs FIND OUT MORE! For Smoking Kratom in the UK or Europe we have the largest Kratom shop in the UK that supplies a whole range of Kratom products, dispatched same day with exceptional customer service LEARN MORE HERE! 

So tell me about Maeng Da?

Ok, so you may know that normal Kratom has a rounded leaf with a pointed tip. Or you may not have known that. If you didn’t, you do now! Well, the Maeng Da leaf is slightly different in shape, as it sports several ‘horns’ on the edges of its leaves. But that’s not what makes it special to the connoisseur. What gives Maeng Da its legendary status is the extra alkaloid kick that the leaves are known to contain. This gives it the edge over many other types of Kratom and makes it a prime ingredient for extraction to 50X concentration, producing Smoking Kratom products.

 What are the effects of Smoking Kratom?

Each individual is the best judge of how Kratom works for them and Smoking Kratom is no exception. Here we can tell you what people tend to experience and of course we’ll focus on the Maeng Da Effects in these extra special Kratom Capsules. Remember, we call these Kratom Pills Smoking Kratom because of their high quality, not because we are encouraging anyone to smoke their contents, I mean you cant smoke a pressed pills right? So it’s a concentrated kick of Maeng Da alkaloids that makes these Smoking Kratom Pills rock. Maeng Da Kratom is known to be stimulating if a small amount is used and can be relaxing in higher volumes. Correct amounts will vary, but as a guideline, high stimulation will generally be evident at 1-2 capsules.

Smoking Kratom

Smoking Kratom Live happy naturally

 Smoking Kratom Capsules are so highly concentrated that the stimulant effects may rule, even at higher doses. This has been known to happen with stronger Kratom Extract. However, some individuals may still discover relaxant effects. People often talk about ‘stimulation’ and ‘relaxation’ – then leave it there. But that’s not the whole story with Smoking Kratom, by a long stretch. You see, we’re talking about a product with opioid effects. So it works in the brain a bit like some opium products. Of course, it doesn’t have opium’s worst addictive and harmful effects and it doesn’t knock you over like some of those painkillers. What Smoking Kratom does do is produce a nice, calm feeling of happiness and well-being. It does this without making people too dopey to enjoy themselves. Occasional reports appear which suggest that Smoking Kratom might produce mild psychedelic effects. These would seem to be limited to visual effects, most commonly experienced in a dark environment. It looks like these Kratom Effects are most likely when someone tries to go to sleep before the peak effects have dispersed. On the non-recreational side, Kratom is well known for properties of pain relief, easing anxiety, lifting mild depression and combating fatigue. Also reported is the help that it has provided to people suffering from the withdrawal symptoms of opiate based pain killers or recreational opiates. Another effect that some people report is getting the munchies. 

How many Kratom pills for what effect?

Smoking Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom

Smoking Kratom Capsules have so many different effects that all sorts of people in various situations might benefit from them. Of course, each and every one of them wants to know what amounts are suitable for their needs. So one person might ask, “How much would I need for lower back pain?” whilst another person could say “What amount is right for chilling at home watching a movie?” then the NEXT person may ask “How much would I need for a wild night out?” … and so on! For starters, remember that these Smoking Kratom Capsules are a 50X Maeng Da Extract, so the number of caps needed each time is low. As amounts for each person do vary – we mentioned this before – it means that individuals need to find their own levels. A medium dose for one person could be a high dose for another. Once someone knows what their mild, medium and strong tolerances are, the following might be of assistance:

Mild Smoking Kratom Effects:

During the experience, someone may encounter stimulation, a sense of well-being and better ability to concentrate on tasks. Light to medium level pain relief is reported. Mild opiate withdrawal symptoms may be relieved. Feeling sociable, confident and talkative is not uncommon as well as enjoying entertainment like music and movies.

Medium Smoking Kratom Effects:

Feeling mentally alert and physically relaxed. General sense of warmth and comfort. Stronger sense of well-being. Concentration can be patchy – distraction can occur easily. Medium pain relief is reported as well as medium opiate withdrawal relief. Entertainment can be engrossing and engaging – as long as concentration holds!

Strong Smoking Kratom Effects:

Mental and physical relaxation to the point of sedation. Strong sense of calm, comfort and well-being. Concentration can be pretty poor but music and movies can still be enjoyed. Higher levels of opiate withdrawal symptoms can be eased, as well as higher levels of pain.

Please remember, Smoking Kratom products are being named as such because we think they are figuratively a smoking-hot product. We are not suggesting that people open the capsules and burn the contents!!!

Thanks for visiting Smoking Kratom. We hope you found it enjoyable and informative – please drop in anytime and remember, you haven’t tried Kratom until you’ve tried Smokin’.